The Church of S. Michele Arcangelo, usually called S. Angelo, because it was built on St. Angelo's top hill, dates back to 1210, when the feydatary, in order to satisfy the real requests of the people, whi asked for anither larger church, because of the increase of the population, let the church be enlarged.
The present church is Gothic - Borgognone and it is enough similar to the refectory of Fossanova Abbey, that is an important national monument ended in 1208.

So the construction of St. Angelo's Church must be attributed to workers broght up by Cistercians or by their followers who continued to build other works in the small towns below the Lepini, Ausoni and Aurunci ranges.
The principality reserved a chapel on the left of the main entrance, called "Cappella di S. Sebastiano", subsequently decorated and restored by the Colonna family.
In St. Angelo's Church, besides St. Sebastiano's Chapel in a Romanesque style, there are also other works of that period.
Among then we can remember artistic tabernacle and also a candle - horder with a two-headed lion curved on a Common stone.
On the 24th May 1947 the Church was recognized as the Shrine of our Lady of Graces.

The sacred Icon della Madonna delle Grazie