(The Alleys)

The origin of the alley names derives from the families who lived there or from their feature; 

Vicolo Re takes its name from the family of Biagio Re who managed a spice shope and had his noble palace in that alley.
Vicolo Monti derives its name from the family Monti, one of the most important and very influentian family of the town.
Vicolo voli t is so called because being very uncomfortable to go trogh, people went down there almost skipping. 
Vicolo S.Rosalia it derives its name from that of St. Rosalia to whom a little church was dedicated.
Vicolo dell'arco   because at the beginning of the alley there is a very long arch.
Vicolo del forno  because there you can see one of the most important oven (not operating today).
Vicolo Scuole Pie because it was the residence of the first Maestre Pie, teachers who taught for charity. They were founded in 1834.
Vicolo Macerola because its falling rustic look appears a mass of ruins (macere).
Vicolo Bono it derives its name from the Balivo (a kind od Mayor) Francesco Bono who ruled the town hall from 1830 and them.
Vicolo Doralice the name of an important family of the quarter.